Honor with Books

Celebrate... a birthday, anniversary or special event

Rejoice in... a graduation, wedding, or birth

Memorialize... a beloved relative or friend

Thank... a parent, teacher, colleague, or mentor

Support... Cornell University Library

You can commemorate the important people and events in your life and support the purchase of new books for Cornell University Library with a gift to the Honor with Books Endowment.

For each gift of $100 or more to the Honor with Books Endowment, the Library will place a bookplate with your special message in a newly purchased book. The honored party will receive a copy of the bookplate with a letter informing them of your thoughtfulness. Currently registered students receive a 70% discount, and can bookplate a new book with just a $30 gift.

What is the Honor with Books Endowment?

Ever year the University Librarian receives hundreds of requests for new books and other library materials from students and faculty members. However our annual acquisitions budget simply cannot stretch to accommodate all those needs. The Honor with Books Endowment generates a perennial source of income to fulfill these requests.

Your gift to the Honor with Books Endowment is a legacy to ensure the Library will continue to sustain the academic and research endeavors that have placed Cornell among the best universities in the world.

How does the Honor with Books program work?

To participate in Cornell Library's Honor with Books program, simply select a bookplate design from below, then fill out the online giving form. Please select Cornell University Library as your gift designation and indicate in the comments box your selected bookplate design.

We'll create new bookplate with your personal message and send a copy to your honoree with a letter informing them of your gift. As the donor, you will also receive a copy of the bookplate and a gift receipt for your tax records.

Bookplate Choice A- Leaf Background - Cornell University Library - In loving memory of Louis Chernys 1964-1984 - Given by his brother Steven Chernys AB '83

Book Plate A

Bookplate Choice B- Plain Background - Cornell University Library - In Memory of Nettie Finkle - Given by Brit and Bill Kay '51

Book Plate B

Book Plate C- Patterned Background - Cornell University Library - In celebration of Professor Meyer H. Abrams for his inspired teaching throughout the years - Given by Joan E. Shapiro '64

Book Plate C

Book Plate D- Clock Tower Background - Cornell University Library - In Honor of Ira Cammeyer on the occasion of his 60th birthday - Given by Irene and Arnold Rabinor '65

Book Plate D