Advisory Council 2023-2024

Cornell University Library Advisory Council (CULAC) Mission Statement

The mission of the Cornell University Library Advisory Council is to help implement the vision and priorities of the University Librarian in providing the community of scholars, faculty and students with the books, electronic access, intellectual materials and library services they require. Members will act as advisors, supporters, promoters and advocates for the Library, providing information about emerging trends in the changing information, technological and legal landscape and its impact on research libraries. Our goal is to build a knowledgeable network from both inside and outside Cornell to secure the Library’s position as a leader in resources and technology.

Council Members 2023-2024

  • Elizabeth Altman
  • Beth Anderson
  • Katie Bartels
  • Eric Blair-Joannou
  • Martha Coultrap
  • Marilyn Friedman
  • Jeffrey Gelfand
  • Andrea Glanz
  • Vicki Hartman
  • Jim Irish
  • Andrew Joskow
  • Sunny Lee
  • Kevin McEnery
  • Lauren McEnery
  • Elliott Meisel
  • Carolyn Neuman
  • Philip Neuwirth
  • Marge Neuwirth
  • Stephanie Rigione
  • Henry Shum
  • Olivia Tai
  • Marie Van Deusen
  • Anne Vitullo
  • Margie Wang
  • Mariana Wolfner
  • Marques Zak

Emeritus Members

  • Jack Clarke
  • Caroline Cox
  • Carol Epstein
  • Ellen Kheel Jacobs
  • L. William Kay
  • Neil Ann Levine
  • Jon Lindseth
  • Arthur Penn
  • Gail Rudin
  • Stephen Rudin
  • Sally Strachan
  • Susan Tane